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Yarn update 26.01.2019

Time to make the first update of this year 🙂

The update will happen on Saturday, January 26, at 18:00 GMT.

This time it will be a big update of mainly fingering weight bases and I am happy to present a new base – Agate 366 (merino/silk/yak dawn). This yarn is a colored base (brownish gray) so not all colors are possible to dye on it. I can accept custom orders for this base or for Agate 800 only for colorways that I already dyed on this base yarn (but some modifications are possible, such as dyeing only part of already existing colorway on a full skein).

Also in this update I am presenting colorways that are dyed with a new concept in mind. The concept is to creat “colorway bridges”, where an ending color of one colorway will be a starting color of another, which will allow you to join skeins without too visible border. As they are dyed separately some variation of ending colors should be expected, but they won’t be very different. Colorways belonging to “bridges” will have a designation of ending colors in addition to a name, like “Flame (Y1-O1)”, “Maple (O1-R1)”. So when you see O1 in two different colorways you can assume that the two colorways have an identical end color (in this case orange1).

In this update colorways dyed on Siberian Pearl 400 are in about 190g skeins (and mostly only single skeins are available). Also please note that violet/purple colorway show huge shift of color depending on the lightning condition (my photos are more or less close to how they will look under direct sunlight or incandescent light, but in cloudy condition or under fluorescent lights they will look a lot closer to blue).

Skeins of Diamond and Agate 366 dyed in rainbow colors are about 400m (so for Diamond they are about 100g and for Agate 366 mostly 106-109g), and the rest of Agate 366 colorways are in 162-170g skeins (about 600m).

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Yarn update 15.12.2018

It is way past time to make an update, so finally it is here 🙂

The update will happen on Saturday, December 15, at 18:00 GMT.

It will consist of all weights of silks, merino/silk blends and BFL/silk. Skeins of Siberian Pearl are either closer to 100g (Magenta Wine, Winter Sunset), 117g (Blue Transition) or 170g (Winter Sunset, Phoenix, Aqua Transition). Skeins of Siberian Pearl 600 in Rose-lilac to Blackberry are 130g, and Siberian Pearl 800 are around 100g. All colorways on Siberian Pearl 400 are mostly single cakes of about 190-200g in weight.

Colorways on Diamond are either 100g (Petals on the Wanter in both variants, Deep Blue to Black), 150g (Out of Ashes) or 200g (Amethyst, Purple Stardust – just one skein of each colorway).

Skeins of Shades of Azurite on Ruby and Sunny Forest on Topaz 600 are around 100g and Jasper on Topaz are 121-123g.

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Yarn Update 17.08.2018

This are yarns that are planned for an update that should happen in August.

As I’ve had some problems with site perfomane I am setting the preliminary date for this update on Friday, August 17, at 18:00 GMT. If site behaves as it should I’ll confirm this date on Thursday.

This time most yarns are silks (Siberian Pearl, Siberian Pearl 600 and Siberian Pearl 400) and Diamond with few colorways on other bases. For Siberian Pearl there are mostly 5 skeins for each colorway, Siberina Pearl 400 has mostly just one large skein per colorway (most of them are 180-200g in weight), and Siberian Pearl 600 and Diamond mostly have 3 skeins per colorway (but Out of Ashes on Diamond was dyed on 4 batches in 125-150g skeins, so I have 14 skeins in total).

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Yarn Update 13.05.2018

The next yarn update will happen on Sunday, May 13, at 18:00 GMT.

The colorways in it are mainly old ones. Rust and Steel colorway is a modification of Rusted Iron, it has lighter gray but the same rusty orange.

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Custom order 24

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Yarn update 28.02.2018

The next yarn update will happen on Wednesday, February 28, at 18:00 GMT.

Once again there will be several colorways for the “Across the Universe” series (they are dyed on Amber 360 and Siberian Pearl 400) that is being created in connection with lace shawl series designed by Anna Victoria from “By the Lily Pond”. As my inspirations for these colorways I’ve used images made by HUBBLE 🙂 And there will be several other colorways on different yarn bases (see image captions for more info).

Amber 360 base is going out of stock, so this is the last opportunity to buy it.

As usual, depending on the number of orders I’ll receive it may take up to 2 weeks to ship all the packages (as usual, they’ll be sent in the same order as orders are placed). Travel time to US, Canada and Australia aren’t that great, so you should expect some waiting (3-4 weeks for US, more than a month to Canada and Australia). Packages to Europe mostly arrive in 2-3 weeks.

Inspirational photos:








Here are the colorways:

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Custom order 23

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Custom Order 22

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Custom Order 20