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Yarn update 15.12.2018

It is way past time to make an update, so finally it is here 🙂

The update will happen on Saturday, December 15, at 18:00 GMT.

It will consist of all weights of silks, merino/silk blends and BFL/silk. Skeins of Siberian Pearl are either closer to 100g (Magenta Wine, Winter Sunset), 117g (Blue Transition) or 170g (Winter Sunset, Phoenix, Aqua Transition). Skeins of Siberian Pearl 600 in Rose-lilac to Blackberry are 130g, and Siberian Pearl 800 are around 100g. All colorways on Siberian Pearl 400 are mostly single cakes of about 190-200g in weight.

Colorways on Diamond are either 100g (Petals on the Wanter in both variants, Deep Blue to Black), 150g (Out of Ashes) or 200g (Amethyst, Purple Stardust – just one skein of each colorway).

Skeins of Shades of Azurite on Ruby and Sunny Forest on Topaz 600 are around 100g and Jasper on Topaz are 121-123g.