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Yarn Update 17.08.2018

This are yarns that are planned for an update that should happen in August.

As I’ve had some problems with site perfomane I am setting the preliminary date for this update on Friday, August 17, at 18:00 GMT. If site behaves as it should I’ll confirm this date on Thursday.

This time most yarns are silks (Siberian Pearl, Siberian Pearl 600 and Siberian Pearl 400) and Diamond with few colorways on other bases. For Siberian Pearl there are mostly 5 skeins for each colorway, Siberina Pearl 400 has mostly just one large skein per colorway (most of them are 180-200g in weight), and Siberian Pearl 600 and Diamond mostly have 3 skeins per colorway (but Out of Ashes on Diamond was dyed on 4 batches in 125-150g skeins, so I have 14 skeins in total).