Rules for Custom orders

How to start a custom order

To place a custom order please “buy” this listing to start the process (I will need to know some details from you before the real agreement about an order can be reached, so “purchase” of this listing places no obligation on you or me, it just ensures that I know there is a customer who would like to place a custom order).

What can you order

In general you can order any colorway in any yardage on any yarn base available at the moment (list of yarn bases can be found here). You can also request a colorway that doesn’t exist yet and if I can I will create it for you. There are few yarn bases that are exception to this rule (see yarns descriptions) as well as some other circumstances that will be discussed on an individual basis.


Prices for custom orders are calculated the same way as for ready to ship yarns, so you can gauge what price you’ll have to pay for a particular skein weight from prices shown for 100g of a base yarn.

For example, you want to order 80g on Titania base. The base price is 45$ forĀ  100g, so one 80g skein will cost you 36$ plus shipping.


Payments for custom orders are taken only after the yarn is already dyed and ready to ship. I will show you photos of your yarns and if you are not happy with them you can cancel your order or I can dye another version better suited to your needs.