Yarn bases

One thing you need to pay attention to both when you read listing descriptions and when you write to me about orders or ask me questions about base yarns is yarn names. I have some base yarns that are exactly the same in fiber compositions but differ from each other in yardage. For example, three yarns are spun from  55% BFL SW and 45% silk, but one is 400m/100g, another is 600m/100, and the third one is 800m/100g. I consider such yarns as a line of yarns, and all bases that belong to one line will have a common designator in the name, such as, in this case, Topaz. BUT! To distinguish between the bases with different yardage I add number that reflects the yardage per 100g to the names of all but one yarns in the line. Thus 400m/100g yarn is Topaz 400, 600m/100g yarn is Topaz 600 and 800m/100g yarn is just Topaz. So when you want to discuss bases please use proper names of base yarns to avoid any possible confusion. Because if you want Topaz 600 yet call it just Topaz you and me will be talking about different yarn bases.

The are several base yarns categories on the bases of their availability:

Regular base yarn – these are the core base yarns that I try to carry in the shop at all times. Due to the fact that for gradient dyeing I need yarns on cones and some of these yarns  can be ordered on cones only at certain times regular bases might get out of stock temporarily (life happens, supplier sometime change their way of operation etc.), but they are always back in stock as soon as I can reorder them again. I plan to have them as long as my suppliers carry them.

Semi-regular base yarn – these are base yarns that I can obtain only from time to time, so they might go out of stock for longer periods than my regular bases (from few months to a year or more), but as long as I am able to buy them when they become available to me I plan to carry them in the shop.

Limited base yarn – these bases are in stock at the moment, but I can’t reorder them for various reasons, so when the last of the stock will be gone they will became discontinued.

Discountinued base – well, the meaning is clear. These are bases that I had in the past but can’t or won’t carry in the shop anymore. In most cases this status doesn’t mean anything bad about the yarn quality, I simply can’t obtain them (they are discontinued by manufacturers mostly).

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