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Yarn update 30.01.2021

Dear knitter, It is been almost a year since I’ve made an update, and finally it is time to make a new one. I hope all of you are doing fine in this hard time.

The update will happen on Saturday, January 30, at 18:00 GMT.

This time it will be a relatively small update with mostly silk yarns (Siberian Pearl, Siberian Pearl 800, Siberian Pearl 600 and Siberian Pearl 400), many colorways will be present in single skeins (mostly the big ones that weight over 100g). Beside silks there will be several colorways on Diamond and Ruby (fingering and lace merino/silk bases) and several new colorwas on Tenderness (pure merino fine lace\cobweb). Not all photos I can show you right now so some new colorways you will see only at the moment of the update.

Because of the situation with COVID19 post is working slowly so everyone who decides to bye yarns from me have to accept the possibility of waiting for 2 months or more for your yarns to arrive. Last spring when I’ve sent packages abroad some of them took 3-4 months to arrive (although fortunately every one did arrive in the end), so I expect that now the situation might not be very different. As always I will be monitoring all my mail and in case a package is lost full refund will be given (just this time 2 months will be the minimum time before we even consider the possibility that it might’ve been lost).

Despite the post problems, I hope you will enjoy it!