Start discussion about a custom order



This listing is not a real purchase of a custom order but a way to start discussing your requirements. By “buying” it you insure that I won’t accidentally miss your message. Please enter your wishes (base yarns, yardages, colorways etc.) and your Paypal e-mail into “Order notes” field at checkout and after I’ll receive this order I will get back to you to discuss the details, such as prices, lead time, possibility of dyeing colorways you want etc.

I can’t guaranty that I will be able to fulfill your wish, but we won’t know that until we try. 🙂

You do not need to “purchase” more than one custom order listing whether you want to order one skein or several. But please do purchase this listing separately from ready to ship yarns – it will make all things easier.

This are general steps that will happen after you purchase this listing:

  1. I’ll get back to you via e-mail to confirm the details of the order.
  2. If we reach agreement I will put your order into my “to do” list and will dye yarns when time comes.
  3. When yarns are ready I will make photos, show them to you and will send invoice via Paypal.
  4. If you are happy with what you see you pay the invoice and I ship your yarns to you. After shipping the tracking number will be added to the order you made by purchasing this listing at the start.

Now what to do if you are not happy with the result. If that happens please just tell me so and then we will decide what to do. In such situation you will have 2 choices: I can dye another yarn with necessary adjustments (will take more time of course but such job will be a priority) or you can just decline it and I will sell it in my shop.